How To Visit Tenerife On A Budget

Make Your Own Meals

Rent accommodation with a small kitchen so you can make your own meals during your stay in Tenerife. The local mini markets near villas and apartment complexes are usually very expensive. You will get better prices on groceries if you go to Lidl. You will find Lidl located in Adeje, Chafiras and Puerto de la Cruz.

You can usually find great deals on groceries at the different larger supermarkets. There is an Al Campo in La Laguna and another in La Orotava.
There is also Carrefour in Santa Cruz or in Sanata Maria del Mar.
Hiper Dino is a chain that has smaller locations everywhere on the island.

The farmer’s market is a great way to shop for fresh food. Las Chafiras has a farmer’s market on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on Wednesday afternoons. If you are in the San Isidro area, you can shop at the farmer’s market on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Get An All Inclusive Package

If you don’t want to prepare your own meals, look for an all-inclusive package. This is a good way to visit Tenerife if you want to relax and don’t want to have to go shop for food or cook. Compare different all inclusive packages and look for one that includes meals and drinks at a reasonable price.

Find Affordable Restaurants

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy local restaurants.

Tip: A lot of Spanish restaurants offer a menu of the day and this practice is becoming more common in Tenerife. Ordering from the menu of the day is a great way to get a delicious three-course meal at a low price!

Save Money On Drinks

There are several pubs in Tenerife and each one has a different theme. You will find places with a British atmosphere while other pubs specialise in German beer. You can enjoy the incredible bar scene in Tenerife without having to spend a fortune.

Happy Hours
Most places have a happy hour that actually last for more than an hour. Visit different pubs or check their websites to find out when happy hour is and to get a better idea of the drinks you can get.

Free Drinks
A lot of resorts in the Los Cristianos and Las Americas areas have pubs that offer touts to get you in. You can usually get a free drink or a free shot if you spend a few euros in one of these bars. Find out about the best touts in advance and plan a fun night of bar hopping to take advantage of these offers!

Choose Local Drinks
Try to local beer called Dorada. This is usually the cheapest drink you can get and you will find that authentic Canarian bars have the lowest prices on most drinks. These bars are usually located just outside of the large resorts and filled with locals. These bars are a great way to relax and enjoy a few drinks if you are looking for a quiet place and want to see what life in Tenerife is like.

Free Activities

Spend A Day At The Beach
There is a lot to do in Tenerife without spending any money. A great way to enjoy the island without opening your wallet is to simply spend a day at the beach. Bring your towel and look for a quiet spot where you can relax, enjoy the view or play some games. Don’t forget to bring water with you and make sure you have a few euros for some ice cream or another treat.

There are plenty of beaches on the Costa Adeje and on the southern coast of the island. These beache usually have different facilities but you can also find mor secluded beaches. The Playa de la Tejita is not far from the airport and is so large that you will easily find a spot even though this is a popular beach. You should also try the Playa Bollullo on the north coast. This beach is not far from Puerto de la Cruz and will surprise you with its black volcanic sand.

Go Swimming In Lava Rock Pools

The harbour of Garachico was filled with lava during a volcanic eruption that took place 300 years ago. There are now different salt water rock pools in the harbour and you can swim in them. Some of the pools are very shallow and safe for children. Some of the pools are a lot deeper and make for a unique diving experience. Visit the rock pools during low tide since this is when the sun warms the water up. Make sure you bring a snorkel so you can admire the sub-tropical fishes that live in these pools.

Visit The Masca Village

Masca is one of the top tourist attractions in Tenerife. It is located in the Masca valley and is the prettiest village on the island. Driving on the narrow roads of the Masca valley is not ideal if you are not comfortable and you might want to look for a tour that will take you through this area.

Go Hiking
There are many gorgeous landscapes on the island. You can find humid and fertile valleys in the north of the island, dry valleys in the volcanic areas and some towering cliffs near Los Gigantes. Hiking is a great way to explore Tenerife. The Mount Teide National Park is a great place for hiking. There is a small fee to pay to take the cable car to get to the top of the volcano but this is a very affordable activity. There are many coastal paths where you can hike or you can walk through the gorge of the Hells Raving for a small entrance fee.

Hiking requires preparation. You need to invest in some quality equipment and know where you are going. The climate can be harsh. The nights are freezing and you can expect the same cold temperatures at high altitudes while the temperature can reach 40°C during the days. You might need a guide with you for some hikes.

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