The 7 Best Reasons To Cancel Your Visit To Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the beautiful islands that the Canary Islands consist of. Surrounded by pristine waters, and with plenty of things to see and do while visiting, there’s no question about why Tenerife has become one of the most popular summer destinations in the world. It’s a fact that nearly 10 million people visit Tenerife every year. As tempting as all that sounds, the spectacular Spanish island may not be the right match for everyone. Cancel your visit to Tenerife if…

You Are Easily Frightened By Volcanoes

Mount Teide

The most famous landmark in Tenerife is Mount Teide, a dormant volcano that also happens to have been recognized as casting the third largest sea shadow in the world. You’ll be able to enjoy the breath-taking views of Mt. Teide from a distance, or for those with more courage, you could even spend your evening on the rocky hillside enjoying some of the most awe-inspiring views available of the island.

You Are Freaked Out By Talking Birds

Loro Park Parrots

Loro Parque, originally founded as a sanctuary for parrots, has become one of Tenerife’s most beloved family trips. Parrot Park has over 3,000 of these colourful birds to see, and listen too. There’s never any shortage of conversation!

Hidden Coves And Beaches Scare You

Masca cove

Certainly not intended for the faint of heart, the secluded Masca Valley Bay is well worth the 2 hour trek that you’ll face after travelling a scenic route through the countryside. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the crystal clear water of this unsoiled paradise. As if this isn’t enough, there are also many other secret beaches on the island.

You Have A Fear Of Dolphins

Tenerife dolphin

Tenerife has a reputation for providing some of the world’s best dolphin and whale spotting opportunities, particularly because of the large numbers of dolphins that call the Southern and Western coasts their home year round.

You Are Not A Fan Of Deep Water

Tenerife underwater cathedral

The Canaries are known for their gorgeous turquoise seas with their abundance of marine life. For the bravest among us, there are many dive schools that you can take advantage of to explore the depths of the seas yourself.
Amarilla Dive Center in Los Abrigos is recommended.

Watch this video of these interesting underwater structures.

You Are Likely To Get Motion Sickness

Tenerife sailing boat

Although it is quite possible to spend all of your time experiencing all that this wonderful island has to offer, you’ll want to make the time to do some exploring off shore before you leave. Hire your own sailing boat, or charter a catamaran, either one will take you to the most secluded coves and bays on La Gomera.

Natural Black Sand Beaches Repulse You

Playa Jardin black sand

Really, who wouldn’t wish to be kissed by the sunshine on a beautiful, sandy beach, while the waves crash against the shore?

As you can see, there are innumerable reasons for you to cancel your visit to Tenerife this year. Most likely, you could add some of your own to this list.

If you still insist on visiting the island, you could always try one of the many recommended Tenerife excursions or tours available.

Do you know any interesting facts about the island?



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