Peter Sarkis – The Tenerife Forum Story

Tenerife Forum History

Back when people used discussion boards before Facebook put them on the endangered species list, there were a few platforms focused on the topic of Tenerife which I was a member of.
They resembled colonial outposts where the usual suspects congregated to look down on others with a certain air of superiority, especially on those of a foreign flavour.
Needless to say, things didn’t go my way and I was removed from them eventually and about that time, Facebook had become the platform that many used to connect with other like minded people so I decided to put everything into creating this page as a core where other things would sprout from.
You may have read things about me online, some very entertaining, some even hilarious.
The truth is, I’m not any of the things these people say I am, neither have I ever met them because they populate a different circle to mine and to be brutally honest, their delusion is only matched by their clumsiness so I can only have pity for them.

Who & What’s Behind Tenerife Forum?

A guy called Peter Sarkis and a dedicated team who support the pages we’ve set up.
There is no magic button to press to reach where we have today.
It requires a lot of perseverance, dedication, attention to detail, and hard work to build such a popular page which has now become the platform of choice for so many visitors and residents of Tenerife.

Why People Follow Tenerife Forum

From the very beginning, it was never about money, simply providing people an avenue to keep in touch with the island and sharing quality information, images, and videos to put a smile on faces and brighten their days.
In short, it’s about adding value.

Where To Next For Tenerife Forum

As mentioned before, it started off as building a core page and due to its popularity, other projects will spring from it.
Our Tenerife Forum Community has grown rapidly and offers a fantastic platform for polite and safe discussions on Tenerife related topics and getting answers to so many questions people have when either visiting or living on the island.

As well as offering popular excursions , we have some interesting developments in the pipeline that are sure to follow this page down popularity road and become successful in their own way.

Any Message To Followers & Members?

Our followers and members are the reason why we continue doing what we do and many times, the messages we’ve received have served as fuel to continue our efforts.
Thanks to all of you who continue to support our pages. It’s really appreciated and we hope that the pages continue to bring smiles and hope to everyone.

Peter Sarkis at Tenerife Forum

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