Tenerife – The Hawaii Of Europe

The Canary Islands are known for being islands full of beauty, forests, sand, mountains, and volcanoes. The temperatures are almost perfect all-year round and it’s why so many Europeans and other nationalities from colder climates flock to the Canaries when they need to get some Winter sun during the colder months in their regions . People who are familiar with the islands know that there is a general misconception that the islands are only a holiday resorts frequented by visitors on package holidays looking for that Spanish combination of “Sun, Sea, and Sangria.”
Tenerife, the largest of all the islands, if far more than that and in the rest of this article, I hope to give you a glimpse of what awaits you outside the concrete of the resorts and what makes the island such an incredible contrast and caters for all tastes.
There’s no shortage of locations and things to keep you entertained on this magnificent island so without further ado, here are some of the things we like the most while on the island.

Home Sweet Home

Finding places to stay are not that hard and with the advent of companies like Airbnb, there are some great choices of inexpensive accommodation for short term visitors. You don’t have to stay in the main resorts and you’ll find that it tends to be much cheaper when staying outside the resorts.
You can opt to stay in a modern apartment with everything included, or you can get a taste of the real culture by staying in one of the rustic rural fincas dotted around the island.


The views and landscape in some of these places are enough to send you to Never-never land on a journey of wistful delight.
Besides the accommodation, there are many things you can do.
You can do the usual things that the average tourist does, or you can go off the beaten track and lose yourself in the adventure on new discoveries.
There are some excellent tours and excursions available so you might even want to mix it up and do a little of both.
Boat trips are available to see the local marine wildlife while experiencing the stunning views of the island from the ocean.
Some of our favourite land activities include:

Sunrise or Sunset?

We all love a good sunset or sunrise, and witnessing them on the highest peak in Spain makes it all the more incredible. You can even do a bit of stargazing too while you’re up there and see the universe in all its splendour.

Sure, choosing between seeing the sunrise and sunset is difficult, both being as beautiful as the other, but you get to see both on some excursions with the stargazing in between which is the perfect all round experience for many people.
Some of the excursions provide everything you need, even the telescopes to see the planets in all their glory in the clear skies above the clouds which transport you to another world.
It’s very common to hear of people proposing to their partners while in these beautiful surroundings that make it so memorable.
It must be that feeling of being above the clouds, supernatural maybe, even heavenly.
Make sure you take your camera with you because it really is an incredible experience and one that you need to have photos of and talk about for years after.

The Volcano & Observatory Tour

A popular thing to do is to visit the Observatory which can be done through the official authorities at Volcano Teide.


A daytime visit is good which will allow you to see how the place operates and you can still be treated to stunning views of the ocean below and even get to use a telescope to see as far as the sun’s surface. It will bring out the astronomer in you and make you realise that there must be more than us in this universe.

Superb Hiking Routes

There is no shortage of hiking adventures, and you don’t have to book a tour either.
From short hikes to day long ones, the entire island is a treasure trove and the landscape takes you on a whirlwind trail of contrasts.

Hiking trail

There are so many random paths in the region that regular visitors constantly discover places they’ve never seen before on their hikes which makes it such a fantastic adventure.
Many people opt to do the hikes in prearranged groups so not only is it a great way to see the island, it’s also a social event that results in new friendships.
Some prefer to hire a car and see the island at a more relaxed tempo while stopping off at several eateries for refreshments and local delicacies.
Driving does have its good points and as well as being able to see more places in a shorter space of time, you also get to see awe inspiring views from the roadside like in the image below.
Road to heaven?


Beaches & Sandy Toes

What would an article like this be without mentioning the beaches?
From black volcanic sand to golden yellow, the variety is many and the facilities are very good.
The beaches are very clean and well maintained with adequate safety measures for everyone including well trained lifeguards and access on many of them for disabled people.

Teresitas beach

Try doing a bit of exploring around the island because there are so many beaches not frequented by tourists and so many hidden coves just waiting to be discovered.

The Charming Masca Valley

Although Masca has become quite popular over the years, it’s definitely worth a visit.
The views and scenery are breath-taking with its steep roads and unique landscape.


Last Word

A trip to the island of Tenerife can be a truly unforgettable one and I can honestly say it is a unique experience not to be missed.
If you like travel, this island is a must see and should be on your bucket list.
Many people become repeat visitors and some say “once bitten, forever smitten.”

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