Tenerife For The Best Holidays

There is no doubt that Tenerife is a top choice among holidaymakers, in fact, 1000s of people choose this destination year in and year out, including families, couples, groups, and those travelling alone.

Being an easy 4-5 hour flight from places in Northern Europe, a holiday to Tenerife provides a family-friendly trip that offers both summer and winter sun. There is always somewhere to go and something to do and the beaches are wonderful too.

The Best Time To Go To Tenerife

What are the best months to go to Tenerife?

One of the big attractions for holidaymakers is the fact that you are pretty much guaranteed to get good weather regardless of when you go. Thanks to the warm climate, the Tenerife weather feels like Spring or Summer whenever you go.

There are 2 high seasons in Tenerife: Summer (July and August in particular) and Winter. The prices for flights and hotels go up quite a lot in the Summer months but there are still deals to be found. Family holidays are especially common in the summer. Winter is also popular but the pace is a little slower and the vibe tends to be more quiet compared to other months in peak season.

How To Travel To Tenerife

The ease of travel makes holidays to Tenerife popular. From most airports in Northern Europe, it’s just a 4-5 hour flight.

The high season will mean paying more for a  flight, however, if you choose a day that is less in-demand, as well as a time that is not particularly convenient, you can get a better deal. This means that Tenerife can still be affordable.

Tenerife Forum offers some great info to help you plan your trip and with a large community, there is always someone who can offer help.

Where To Stay

There are plenty of family-friendly places to stay. The majority have Kids Clubs as well as facilities for the family on-site.

There are also great options for couples, groups and solo travellers, including places that are close to nightlife and the big attractions such as Playa de las Americas.

Food & Drink

There is an incredible choice of Spanish and African flavours on offer, as well as plenty of international cuisines.

For seafood lovers, there is an endless choice of delicious dishes to choose from.

Tapas are on offer all over the island. These are a year-round Spanish favourite. Gazpacho, tortillas and paella are all easy to find wherever you happen to go.

For fussy eaters or those travelling with children, the typical international brands are everywhere.

What To Do in Tenerife

Enjoy Nature

The incredible volcanic landscape makes Tenerife a unique place to explore. It is impressively different from any other destination you may visit.

Laze On The Beach

The white sandy beaches are what make Tenerife famous, as well as the beautiful black beaches. Wherever you stay on the island, there will be a beach nearby to enjoy. A lot of the beaches are Blue Flag beaches so it means that the kids can enjoy having a fun splash around while parents soak up the sun.

Enjoy The Nightlife

When it comes to the heart of nightlife on the island, Playa de las Americas steps up to the plate. La Laguna offers live music and fun bars, due to the student population being located here.

Soak In The Culture

A lot of the museums in Tenerife are either free to enter or only charge a small fee. The towns of the island also provide a taste of charming culture that is a pleasure to soak in. The calendar for this island is full of festivals and events, for instance, a colourful celebration of Carnival.

Fun Family Activities

Tenerife is all about making memories as a family. The theme parks, zoos and water parks are sure to be a great hit with the whole family.


Doing Tenerife On a Shoestring

It is possible to still do Tenerife on a budget?

Firstly, you need to get yourself the best deal out there for a cheap holiday to Tenerife.

Once there, look for restaurants that offer a ‘menu del dia’, these are the daily specials that will likely be at a lower price.

Also, take advantage of the many attractions and places to visit that are free or only charge a very small entrance fee.

Tenerife caters for all tastes and should be on your list of places to visit at least once.

For the latest Tenerife news, make sure you check out Tenerife Weekly and for all the gossip and events taking place, join our Tenerife Forum Community.